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Slow and steady is the key. 
Your pets body gets used to digesting the components of its food and any sudden diet change will mean your pet has no time to adjust to the new components. This, in most cases, can be the cause of upset. 
To avoid any upset you should transition your pet onto our new food over at least 7 days.

Days 1 and 2

  • 75% of the old food 
  • 25% of the new food

Days 3 and 4

  • 50% / 50% split of old and new food

Days 5 and 6

  • 75% new food and only 25% old food

Days 7 onward

  • you should be safe to move 100% to the new food.

If you know your pet is of a sensitive type already then extend this transition time to 10 – 14 days. 
If your pet still has a reaction please contact us – we are on the journey with you to find a food that works!

When you sign up as a Parcelpet customer, we will send you a personalised feeding guide so you know exactly how much you should be feeding. This feeding guide is based on the information you have provided us with. Should this information change e.g your pet enters a different lifestage, is neutered or is overweight we may need to adjust the daily feeding amount. You can change your recipe, frequency and pets information bu logging into your account or by contacting us.

Not a problem – We have based our repeat schedule using the size of your pet(s) and carefully calculating the recommended daily feeding amount.
You may wish to refine the schedule so it’s exactly right for your pet(s) or amend your next delivery date. You can do this in your dedicated account management page.

Yes, no problem – you can swap over to any one of our products in any range before your next delivery. The only restriction is to pet type – you won’t be able to select cat food for your dog or vice versa. Just log into your dedicated account page and select a new recipe.

The main difference between the naturals and grain free range is that the grain free range does not have any grain and has a slightly higher meat content. This has been formulated for those pets that have a grain intolerance or allergy.


We deliver all over the UK and Channel Islands.

For Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands and Islands your FIRST delivery will take up to 72 hours. Of course, after then, we will plan to send your delivery out on the right day so you receive it in time.

Deliveries are free and there is no extra charge to deliver to Ireland, Highlands and Islands. 

No – we want to make sure we deliver a convenient service so there is no need for you to be at home when we deliver. If you would like to specify a “safe place” please log into your dedicated account management pages.

We will e-mail you just before your next due delivery.
You can also see your historic deliveries and your scheduled deliveries on your dedicated account management pages.

Within the next 48 hours. The exception to this is Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands and Islands, which will take 72 hours.

Delivery is FREE across all our products.

You can check the status of your order in “my account” page. If you have not received your item then please contact us immediately on and one of the Parcelpet team will help you.

Please contact us immediately on and one of the Parcelpet team will help you

Our deliveries are on weekdays excluding bank or public holidays. If you make your order before 15:00 you should receive your parcel the following day.


We have set up a dedicated account management page so that you can amend your details at any time. Just click onto your ‘My Account’  page to make any changes.

You can do this within your account menu. Log in to My Account to make any changes. For subscriptions, any changes will need to be made 72 hours before your next order to take the payment on the new card.  

Yes – you can change this under Your Account Profile page. For subscription services, we take a payment 72 hours prior to you receiving your order.

Yes – you are in total control and can do this online easily. You can amend the recipe, frequency, delivery date and size of your bag/s whenever you need to as long as it’s 72 hours before your next delivery. If you amend your details within 72 hours of your next delivery, your details will be updated for your subsequent order.

Yes – We have specifically designed your dedicated account management pages so that you are in control.
You can make any amendments to your account online. You can also Contact Us if you need to ask any other questions about your subscription.

Yes – we recommend that you pause your subscription so that your account details remain open which means you can easily restart your orders again when you want to. If, however, you don’t think you will need our service again, we can of course delete your records entirely. To do this please send an email to

Yes of course – There is no time limit to restarting it again. Just let us know when you are ready by clicking on your dedicated account management pages.

We normally start to prepare your orders at least 72 hours before your next order is due (excluding bank holidays) so as long as it’s before then, you can pause, cancel or reschedule whenever you want to.


Yes. No payment details are stored in full and therefore your details are safe on our website. We do, however, recommend you have strong passwords so that no one can access your personal details other than you.

We accept MasterCard debit and credit, Visa debit and credit and American Express credit cards.

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