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Mental Health Matters - Pixie

Mental Health Matters: Pixie’s Story


Sausage dogs are taking the world by storm. With sausage walks almost becoming the norm, next there will be a whole army of them to combat mental health…

Oh wait…

There is!

Pretty pawsome right? We thought so, and that’s why we wanted to speak to the #sausagearmy Home Secretary in Sausage Party Government, Pixie. She spoke to us all about how having a pup can combat loneliness and allow you to widen your friendship circle.

Here’s what she had to say:

“So, I sat down with Mum and told her Parcelpet had asked me to write something for Mental Health Awareness Week. I then explained the emphasis was on human’s mental health, not animals! I said “They want to know what having me in your life has done to improve your mental health?”

She was a bit surprised and said “What have you, the sausage, who never stops barking and making a mess in the house done to improve my mental health?!”  “Well Mum,” I said, “I think you’ll find nearly every new friend you’ve made in the last few years has been through me! One way or another, whether from the local shops, community (particularly in the park), or through our membership in the #SausageArmy via my Twitter account!”

At this point, she had to concede. I’ve done a great job in getting her out and about and talking to strangers. So many people want to stop and chat, or just smile at us, because I’m so amazing.

So Mum has had to agree, I’ve bought so much joy into her life, not least through widening her social circle, she’s definitely happier with me around (though she hasn’t found the latest poop I’ve left behind the sofa yet…)”

A brilliant tail (pardon the pun), right? And just like Pixie’s mum, Katie, we have to concede. Pups give us the opportunities and confidence to make new friends and eradicate loneliness.

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