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We want to share our in-depth knowledge of cats and dogs. We will always put your pets at the heart of everything we do and along the way we promise to always keep things simple.

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Our wonderful Parcelpet dry food has been selected with health in mind, to ease to support our amazing pet parents like yourself.

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 Mark was not the most organized of people and was always running out of food for his poor dog Monty. As in a lot of cases out of chaos can come sheer brilliance and Mark had a dream. A dream that Monty’s food could be delivered automatically straight to his door so he never ran out again.

At the time such a service didn’t exist so Mark decided to turn that dream into reality and Parcelpet was born.



‘Behind every great man is a great woman’. Mark had all of the techy ability and skills to design a functional site but needed his partner in crime Nicky to really see his idea come to life. Together they embarked on a journey to make pet owners lives easier and give them the opportunity to feed their pet a healthy diet… consistently.
They worked night and day, and in 2014 Parcelpet launched. Ever since, tails wiggle like never before, all over the country.

And most importantly: YOU!

Parcelpet wouldnt exist without the support of its loyal customers and all the fantastic pets.
In fact you are the most important members of the Parcelpet Pack and for that we



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The finest quality.

Premium pet food made from carefully selected, high quality ingredients, matched with a high quality repeat delivery service.

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We deliver your pet food straight to your doorstep on a schedule that you decide, or on a buy once basis.

Absolute simplicity.

Feeding your pet has never been easier. Just follow a few simple steps online and lay back, we will take care of the rest!

Great value.

The highest quality pet food means your pet eats better for less – providing you with great value. Looking after your wallet and your pet.