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Red's Review

My little monster Red is a 3 year old miniature Labradoodle and she started scratching and gnawing at her body (mainly legs and belly) in Summer 2017. I took her to the vets and they guessed it was probably an allergy, they gave her an injection , a prescription of medicine and advised a change in diet. They recommended a Hypoallergenic Duck and Tapioca dog food (recommended because she would have never come into contact with those ingredients, so therefore was unlikely to be allergic to them) which was very expensive (£65 a bag) or to cook her turkey with mashed sweet potato. My husband and I started batch cooking turkey and sweet potato but it didn’t seem to fill her up. 

Obviously I wanted what was best for my pup, so I spent the money on the dog food, however after a couple months the allergy didn’t seem to get much better. After carrying out some research, one of the most common allergies is to chicken and after reading the ingredients of the very expensive food and it contained animal fats and hydrolysed poultry proteins. As a quick fix I took her off of the food and we went back to the turkey and sweet potato. After extensive searching online at the start of 2017, I found Parcel Pet! The food looked great with lovely flavours tailored for my pup and it was a lot more affordable than what the vet had recommended. Being Hypoallergenic and Grain free and 100% natural, I thought I’d give it a go. Red’s poor little legs and belly were very red and she had lumps and bumps everywhere and she was staying up most of the night itching and gnawing herself. I’m please to say all the lumps and bumps soon disappeared and all the fur has grown back on her legs! I cannot recommend Parcel Pet highly enough for anyone who has a dog with an allergy and I love the way it can be tailor made. Red has a bag of Turkey, Cranberry and Sweet Potato delivered to my work every 56 days. Its sounds silly but Parcel Pet truly has changed both our lives for the better! Thank you!

Tink's Tale

Tink has now fully transitioned from old diet to new Parcelpet grain free, Turkey, sweet potato and cranberry (for her diet needs) so she doesn’t look like a micropig. I’ve spoken to a few clients who struggle with kibble diets. So did a little test on Tink and you can see for yourselves her own reaction to her new food.So she hasn’t gained any weight. Her teeth have improved because the kibble is slightly bigger making her chew more, less plaque to brush every day. Her breath smells better too.Personally, I’m recommending this food now. Tink’s 3rd week and she’s loving it.

Filey's Feedback

Excellent service! I organised a callback and had a lovely and informative chat with their head vet nurse Jacqui. She really listened to what I wanted for my dog and recommended a food that would look after her joints to keep her chasing balls for years to come. The food arrived quickly and Filey loves it! Plus the kibble size is perfect to fit into her feeding toys. Great value for money and I don’t have to worry about running out of food again! 

Purdey's Point of View

Food always arrives on time and if I ad hoc order it comes quickly. Great service! 

Purdey has been eating Chicken and Rice since she was 12 weeks old (having graduated from puppy food on to the larger kibble).

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